ADDRESS: Taman Rempoa Indah K-11A-, Ciputat-15412, INDONESIA.

BIRTH PLACE/DATE: Jayapura, 17th May 1964.

EDUCATION: English Literature Faculty- University of Indonesia 1984-1988, Institute Kesenian Jakarta 1984-1986, Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag 1989-1991, Scholarship from NUFFIC (Dutch Government), Seminar for Montesouri Education Melbourne 1995, Seminar Royal Music (ABRSM) Kuala Lumpur -2003, Seminar Jazz Royal Music Kuala Lumpur -2004, Festival Music Bad Ausie- Austria 2005.

MUSIC HISTORY: Studied with Stephan Michael Sulungan,Studied with Marusya Nainggolan (IKJ),Studied with Geoffry Madge (in Holland). Studied with Prof.Andreas Woyke (Austria), Studied with Prof. Alexey Sokolov (up to now)

EXPERIENCE: Piano Concert with IKJ in American Embassy - 8th November 1983, Piano Concert at  British Council Wijoyo Centre Jakarta- 13rd November 1984, Piano Concert at Goethe Institute, Bandung- 21st May 1986 1st winner at YAMAHA COMPETITION in Graha Bakti Budaya Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta- 29th  December 1986 Chamber Music with Atty Bagio and Aning Katamsi, Erasmus Huis, Jakarta- 9th June 1988 Piano Recital at France Cultural Centre- 29th October 1989,Semifinal at Indonesian Pop Song Festival 1985 Joined the Indonesian Drum Corps in Drum Festival 2nd winner of the Festival Holland Kerkrade 1989, Founder Melody Music School in Jakarta since 17th November 1997, with ABRSM System – now, Piano Jury for Galaxy Music Competition, Surabaya 2001, Piano Examiner for Galaxy Music Surabaya 2002, Music Tutor at British International School since 2004-2011,Opened new branch of Melodi Didaktik at Cinere 2011, Music Tutor for Yamaha piano teachers. Start from 2019, Melody Music which is own by Elise Widirastri, begin to become the Centre of TRINITY EXAM for Tangerang Selatan and Cinere Region.




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