by: Elise Widirastri @2011.

Teaching music for children sounds so easy. The children seem well behaved and they are capable of retaining massive amounts of information at this age. Just imagine children as a blank paper that you can draw on as good as possible to bring them to be very intelligent.

But the truth is that we need to have big understanding for individual child and a real strategy and certain recipe for success. Some teachers feel very frustrated when facing small children as they are learning music, but others are not. We just need to know the right strategy, then the children will instantly be able to play song and they will naturally gain the discipline of practice and will remember everything we said to them just that simple.

What we need is having understanding between the teacher and the pupils, and yet there are many other aspects that have to go along to make those children succeed in playing music. One of the aspects is that a good teacher who loves and has big understanding to children. The good start is by knowing the unique character of each child, caring and understanding how to build a good relationship with them, and be able to have good basic communication with the children. Teachers are expected to know the knowledge of children psychology. In facing children aged 4 to 7 we are really to know their way of thinking. Some serious children won’t be able to absorb a new note in a fun way, they can only remember what we taught by a serious concept from their serious perspective eyes. Some easy going children will grasp a new note when we sing along together in a very simple way. Or some nice and polite child can understand a new note when we draw a beautiful picture for them. So this is just examples of knowing their psychology.

Instead of the basic knowledge that teachers must have, it is good when we teachers are well prepared with the teaching materials such as ABCDEFG notes, pictures, cards with counting notes, color pencils, etc. Prepare them in a full of your magic bag! Related with those aspects, teacher can also use active learning strategy in class. It doesn’t require with any type of personality of children or extra material, but it is all about how to grow and develop teacher perspective in different ways. Always remember that each individual child needs individual concepts. Remember that we have to start with the things they have known and then move on to the things they haven’t known before.

There are 8 basic concepts become major material to be given to children as new information of their music knowledge;

1. Introducing up down notes in the keyboard, high and low sound,
2. Teaching children to know which hand to use
3. Teach counting to kids in piano lesson
4. Teaching kids to write out notes while learning notes
5. Introduce them with the beats
6. Teaching kids the rhythm
7. Teaching the value of whole notes, half notes, quarter notes etc.
8. Playing piece in major and minor key

So, it is always fun to teach music for the very young children when you know the trick and tips! Good luck.


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